Wooden statue

Francis Nnangenda1976

Kenya National Archives

Kenya National Archives

Born in 1936, Nnaggenda was raised in Buganda, which is the central part of Uganda. The Bugandans are renowned for the love for their culture, which is also disguised in mythology. Nnaggenda who received his artistic education in Germany and France balances externally acquired and indigenous sensibilities.

Francis Nnaggenda is a former head of the Department of Sculpture at the School of Fine Art, Makerere University. He is one of the leading African artists, whose expressionistic work, especially in sculpture, has drawn considerable acclaim. In his monumental sculpture titled "War Victim" at the main library of Makerere University he has expressed with deep emotion the violence of the society. The monument of the King of Buganda is a majestic work on the outskirts of Bulange, further works can be seen at Kennedy Centre Auditorium and Zurich Museum of Art. The statue by Francis Nnagenda, who was the chair of the Fine Arts Department at Makerere University.Mr Murumbi had three of Nnagenda's mammoth statues, however, only one remains in Kenya today, which was later moved to Mr. Murumbi's house in Muthaiga. It was later sold to the Kenya National Archives in 1976 among the collection of art and books seen here today.

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  • Title: Wooden statue
  • Creator: Francis Nnangenda
  • Date: 1976
  • Location: Uganda
  • Type: Wooden statue
  • Rights: Kenya National Archives