Wool Yarn Card with Rubbing Web Divider

Maschinenfabrik Memmingen1960/1960

Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum

The carder mixes, cleans, and straightens the entangled fiber material for the actual spinning process. Drums and pairs of rollers covered with steel hooks revolve, thus separating the fiber flock into individual fibers, lay them lengthwise and compress them into a thin fibrous web. The spinning material passes through two or three carding machines in order to obtain an even and well-cleaned fiber web. The "rubbing web divider" separates the wide fiber web into narrow longitudinal strips, that are then twisted and wound into "rovings" by rolling them from side to side ("rubbing"). The rovings are spun into fine yarn in the wool spinning mill. A modern carding facility or a high-speed carder processes approx. 100 kg of spinning material an hour from which approx. 4000 kilometers
of yarn of medium count can be spun!

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  • Title: Wool Yarn Card with Rubbing Web Divider
  • Creator: Maschinenfabrik Memmingen
  • Date: 1960/1960
  • Location: Memmingen