Woollen skirt from Stora Tuna parish in Dalarna


Nordiska Museet

Nordiska Museet

The skirt has inventory number 1 and was the first labelled object in Nordiska museet's collections in 1872.

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  • Title: Woollen skirt from Stora Tuna parish in Dalarna
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 1830/1850
  • Location Created: Stora Tuna, Dalarna
  • Subject: Skirt
  • Physical Dimensions: w278 x h87 cm
  • More Information: "It was during a trip to Dalarna in 1872 that Artur Hazelius had the idea of founding a museum for cultural history. There he became aware that the old folk culture, with its traditions and customs, was being lost with the growth of industrial society. Old-fashioned folk costumes were being put aside in favour of more modern clothing. The collection of folk costumes was, therefore, initially the focus and the museum was primarily intended to showcase the different varieties of costume worn during life's celebrations and annual festivals. This skirt from Stora Tuna parish in Dalarna is part of an entire woman's costume, consisting of nine other parts, that Artur Hazelius bought for 15 riksdaler for Nordiska museet's collections in 1872. The skirt is homespun in half wool, with white linen warp and features in single-ply plain weave. The pattern is broad edge borders in two shades of red, dark blue, green and flame-red yarn in green/white and red/white on alternating red or green background."
  • Materials and Techniques: Half wool, white linen warp with single-ply plain weave features covering the warp. Sewn from one piece with a centre front seam.
  • Type: Clothing
  • Rights: Photo: Bertil Wreting, © Nordiska museet
  • External Link: http://www.digitaltmuseum.se/things/kjol/S-NM/NM.0000001?query=nm.0000001

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