Woolly Mammoth

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

The woolly mammoth had an enormous head and tusks. How come the mammoth did not suffer from neck pain all the time? The vertebrae of its neck are very compact and therefore give as much support as possible. The mammoth could not bend its head completely either. It therefore had a trunk so that it could still eat and drink. The mammoth is a member of the elephant family and uses its trunk in the same way. It could use its trunk to squirt water into its mouth and to bring food to its mouth as well.

This skeleton is composed of bones of more than 200 different mammoth. To put it together was a huge puzzle. After all, all bones must fit together. The tusks do not entirely fit into this skull. The only tusks that fit into the skull, are its own tusks. Unfortunately we don’t have them.

On the Dutch beaches you can find fossils of the mammoth yourself!

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