Work permit for Bianka Hassel - front page

Ghetto administration1944-04-21

Jewish Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin

Work permit for Bianka Hassel, née Streisand (1881–1945): ghetto administration, folded printed document completed by handwriting and some official stamps, Theresienstadt, 21.04.1944.

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  • Title: Work permit for Bianka Hassel - front page
  • Creator: Ghetto administration
  • Date: 1944-04-21, 1944-04-21
  • Location: Theresienstadt
  • Physical Dimensions: 10,5 x 7,5 cm
  • Original Language: deutsch
  • Provenance: Gift of Hella Hassel
  • Transcript: IV THERESIENSTADT GHETTO WORK PERMIT Transport I/107 / Nr. 14540 Family name: Hassel First name: Bianka Born: 27.1.1881 Rations category: KK A 449846 / Berlin UBIKATION: Resident in the Badhausgasse 19 LABOR CLASSIFICATION: Classification: none Conf.[irmed] by the central labor office: Langestr. 5 OCCUPATION: Gl. Nr. V57 Of 20.4.44 Place of work A9222 in Q319 as Housemaid REMARKS: Account No. 66753 Regulations: 1. Every ghetto inmate is liable to keep his work permit with him at all times and to show it on demand to any authorized party. 2. He is liable to present his work permit for official revision: to the central registration office in the case of resettlement, to his place of employment in the case of changes to his work assignment, to the clinic admissions office in the case of illness, to the dispensary regarding the acquisition of medication, to the central labor office in the case of reclassification. 3. In addition, he is to ensure that his off-duty day is duly noted in his work permit by the relevant authority. 4. Failure to comply with the aforementioned regulations will be punished. Anyone who makes changes to the data in the work permit likewise faces penalties. ISSUED 21.4.1944 by (Signature) (Stamp)
  • Type: Work permit
  • External Link: http://objekte.jmberlin.de/object/jmb-obj-102966
  • Inventarnummer: DOK88/16/9

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