Work shoes

Gunter Altenkirch, Gersheim-Rubenheim and Staatskanzlei des Saarlandes Open Gallery

State Chancellery Saarland

State Chancellery Saarland

Miners had to cover long distances on foot in order to travel to and from their sleeping quarters or their home to the pit. They crossed the Saarkohlewald forest on the paths still used today with their hard, iron-clad soles which is why they were referred to as "hardened walkers" in Volksmund. The heavy and stable work shoes were sometimes wrapped in sackcloth when there is ice and snow in order to ensure better support for a long journey to work.

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  • Title: Work shoes
  • Creator: Gunter Altenkirch, Gersheim-Rubenheim, Staatskanzlei des Saarlandes Open Gallery
  • Subject Keywords: Das Erbe Kapitel 9 – Kommen, Gehen, Bleiben