Wuerzburg, Germany, 1941, Deportees' belongings at the side of the train tracks.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem

The Jews were deported to Riga on the same day.

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  • Title: Wuerzburg, Germany, 1941, Deportees' belongings at the side of the train tracks.
  • Location: Wuerzburg,Germany, Kitzingen,Germany
  • Subject Keywords: Deportations , Railroad tracks , Suitcases , Photography and photographers
  • Photographer: German policeman from Wuerzburg , Gestapo Photographer
  • Origin: Dr. Ofir
  • Name of submitter: Dr. Ofir
  • Description: The photos were taken and arranged in the album by two German policemen on behalf of Kriminalinspektor Michael Voekl (seen from the rear in photo nr. 100), in charge of deportations at the Gestapo office at Wuerzburg There was a strict prohibition on photographing the deportations by any other organization. The pictures show the deportations from Wuerzburg on Nov. 11, 1941 (202 Jews) and on April 25, 1942 (200 Jews), and from Kitzingen and Wuerzburg on March 24, 1942 (850 Jews). The album clearly shows the way the deportations were carried out in small towns in Germany, as well as the involvment of many elements such as the local police force, the Gestapo, the general and local SS, transporters, officials etc. The album also documents the production of a film about deportations from Franconia, that was ordered by Gestapo headquarters in Nuernberg. It was filmed by Richard Nickel, a well-known film producer from Nuernberg. There is some disorder in the sequence of pictures in the album. For example photos 94 and 95 were taken on different dates, as evidenced by the signs visible in the pictures, but were put in the album side by side in order to create the impression of continuity. .A similar disorder can be seen in the pictures taken at night. This may be explained by the intentions of the album's compilers, who did not necessarily adhere to chronological order, and from time to time opted for arrangement according to topic. The captions in Gothic handwriting under some of the photos have a pronounced antisemitic bent. The album served as evidence at the Nuernberg trials and a copy was submitted at the Eichmann trial. Today the original album is kept at the Municipal Archive of Wuerzburg. It served in the preparation of an exhibition initiated by the Archive in December 2003 which was shown in localities throughout Franconia. Copies of the album are in collection 7900. Attached were two copies of a document authenticating the deportation album
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Archival signature: 97 , 250
  • Album number: FA53/110 , FA53/0
  • Album Title: Kitzingen, Wuerzburg, Germany, An album of deportation photographs, 1941-1942.


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