Young woman with a cigarette

Steponas Romeris1930

Lithuanian Art Fund

Lithuanian Art Fund

Stefan Römer (1900–1951), supported by his lawyer relative Michał Pius Römer, started his art studies in Prague in 1927. This portrait of a young woman, painted by the 30-year-old student, reflects his impressions of life in Prague. It is difficult to imagine a similar character on the Bagdoniškis estate where he returned to spend his holidays, or even in interwar Vilnius. The model might have been an acquaintance of the artist, dressed up for an evening’s entertainment, although the brightly coloured lips, the smouldering cigarette between her fingers, and in particular the seductively loose shoulder strap, suggest that she and the painter had more than just a friendly or a professional relationship. This work, showing the artist’s acquaintance with the principles of Czech Art Deco, is one of the few surviving works by Stefan Römer. Almost all of his artistic legacy was destroyed during the Second World War in a fire which broke out in his studio in the village of Šašiai near Kaunas.

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  • Title: Young woman with a cigarette
  • Creator: Steponas Romeris
  • Date Created: 1930
  • Physical Dimensions: 25 cm x 19,4 cm
  • Type: Painting
  • Medium: Mixed technique