Zebra shark

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Naturalis Biodiversity Center

This shark owes its name to the colours of the young animals. When the shark grows longer than 50 to 90 centimetres, the stripes disintegrate, giving it a more spotted pattern. This type of shark is also known as the leopard shark.

The zebra shark has a long tail and ridges along its body. Its slim build enables it to find prey in holes and crevices.

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  • Title: Zebra shark
  • Location: Tropical waters (Indo-Pacific region, South Africa, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Japan). The coast of New Caledonia, Tonga and Australia.
  • Rights: Naturalis Biodiversity Center / CC-BY 4.0
  • Wetenschappelijke naam: Stegostoma tigrinum (Forster 1781)
  • Meer informatie: http://a-z-animals.com/animals/zebra-sh
  • Lengte: 235 cm
  • Klasse: Elasmobranch
  • Eetgewoontes: Molluscs, crustaceans, small bony fish and sea snakes