Chien-Jung Lin2010

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

“In This Crowded Place I Search For A Place That Is Mine, Utilizing A Small Light To Speak Quietly Of The Beauty And Memories Of The Past.”

The Small Shiny Figurines Wait For Me, Deep In Thought. The Works Of Lin Chien-Jung Always Contain Little Figurines Encased In An Orb-Like Top That Makes Them Resemble Light Bulbs. The Combination Of The Figurines And Sculpture Is Reminiscent Of The Exterior Of Robots In Cartoons And Comic Books, Originating In The Nostalgia And Beauty Of Childhood Memories. In Fact, These Small Shiny Figurines Are Just Looking For A Space To Hide. On Their Own They Can Do As They Please In This Constructed Space, Giving Rise To Beautiful Soaring Daydreams.

Lin Allows Viewers To Interpret His Work Through Their Own Life Experience, Searching For The Emotions And Childlike Innocence That Lay Hidden Beneath A Rational Exterior Shell. In This Way, Inner Emotions That Cannot Be Explained Through Words Alone Are Transformed Into Energy. In Everyday Life Never Forget The Light Inside That Is Always Itching For Something Else, Remember To Always Leave Space For Oneself And In Those Moments, When It Breaks Free, Dream To Your Heart’s Desire.

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  • Title: Zzz09-03、Zzz09-04、Zzz09-05
  • Creator: Chien-Jung Lin
  • Date: 2010
  • Medium: Mixed media, Light-controller
  • Location: Counter, Café and Art Book area, Eslite Bookstore, Dunnan Branch