Culiacán, officially Culiacán Rosales, is a city in northwestern Mexico that is the capital of and the largest city in Sinaloa and in the Culiacán Municipality. It was founded on September 29, 1531 by the Spanish conquerors Lázaro de Cebreros and Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán under the name of Villa de San Miguel, which referred to its patron saint, Michael the Archangel.
Culiacán is well known for its culture, luxuries, and celebrations. Its iconic sites include its historic center, Las Riberas Park, the flag or better known as dancing fountains and religious temples such as its Basilica Cathedral, the sanctuary, and the Lomita. The modern Tres Ríos district is known for its buildings, squares, hotels, parks, restaurants, schools, etc.
The city is in a valley on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Occidental, at the confluence of the Tamazula and Humaya Rivers, where both join to form the Culiacán River 55 m above sea level.
The first outline of the city was made by the architect Luis F. Molina.
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