Janaka was an ancient Hindu king of Videha which was located in Mithila region, approximately in the 8th or 7th century BCE. The rulers of the Videha kingdom were called Janakas. He also appears in epic Ramayana as a father of Sita. His original name was Seeradhwaja and he had a brother named Kushadhwaja. His father's name was Hroshhoroma, a descendant of the king Nimi.
Janaka is revered as being an ideal example of non-attachment to material possessions. He was intensely interested in spiritual discourse and considered himself free from worldly illusions. His interactions with sages and seekers such as Ashtavakra and Sulabha are recorded in ancient texts. His relationship with adopted daughter Sita led her to be called Janaki Mata. The city of Janakpur in Nepal is named for him and daughter Sita. The Videha kingdom was located between east of Gandaki River, west of Mahananda River, north of Ganga river and south of Himalayas.
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