Arte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition

Arte Laguna Prize - Art Exhibition
Venezia, Italy

Arte Laguna Prize is the International Prize for Contemporary Art and Design organized by the Cultural Association MoCA (Modern & Contemporary Art), composed of over 200 members including entrepreneurs, professionals, collectors and art lovers. Founded in 2006 in Venice, it is one of the most influential visual arts competitions in the world. The Prize is aimed at supporting and promoting creativity and over the year it has established a network of international partnerships in order to offer artists concrete opportunities of growht for their professional careers.
The finalist, selected by the international jury, get the chance to exhibit their works in one of the most renowned locations in the art world, the Arsenale Nord, a sixteenth-century venue in the heart of Venice that was once the great shipyard of the Serenissima Republic and still retains the charm of industrial archaeology.

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Arte Laguna Prize - Art ExhibitionSestiere Castello, 6611
30122 Venezia VE
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