Eufonia Festival

Eufonia Festival
Berlin, Germany

Eufonia is an interdisciplinary platform that unites artists, scientists, educators, innovators, and researchers from all around the world who share the common medium of sound.

We aim to transform people by inspiring curiosity, creating a space that feels comfortable for everybody, using sound as a filter to observe ourselves, our society, our context, and the relations that those characters naturally create. We host various interdisciplinary events that inspire people of all walks of life, with differing levels of expertise, by using various educative and entertaining mediums - physically, and online.

Eufonia gathers the brightest minds who share the common medium of sound, to explore and evolve the answers about how we can work together to improve our lives, how we can live better as an inclusive, cosmopolitan, and creative society and how to create a future we are all proud of. Additionally, attendees will discover, create, and experience the medium of sound in a new way.

We join expertise from several fields and cultures, enlarging horizons, in the search for a common denominator.

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ACUD MACHT NEUVeteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin
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