Fundación Elkano

Fundación Elkano
Getaria, Spain

Our ambition as a foundation is to learn from the past. To do that, we must foster curiosity. We must delve into history and examine the social models of the past so that we can analyse them in the present context and rethink the future.

Through these processes, the foundation hopes to generate new knowledge, disseminate it to society and create cooperation networks to develop and share projects and knowledge locally and on the international stage.

The events of 500 years ago provide the foundation for opening up processes of reflection around questions inspired by that first voyage around the world: the relationship between coastal towns and the sea; sustainability; the impact of science and technology on the development of society; coexistence of cultures; and globalisation. That first circumnavigation had extraordinary consequences not just for the local community but for the planet. Nothing would ever be the same again.

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