Ho Family Garden

Ho Family Garden
Yangzhou, China

Ho Family Garden also known as “Jixiao Villa” is the last but best work among the private gardens in Yangzhou. It is the National Cultural Relic Protection Unit and National AAAA class View Area. Along with Yihe Garden in Beijing and Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou, it is among the first list of National Key Gardens. Ho Family Garden consists of three parts: the back garden, the residential area, the Pian Shi Shan Fang. In the garden, there are the double-path cloister which contributes to the embryo of world’s flyover, the China longest winding corridor,the only China ancient stage on water,Yuxiu Building within the Chinese building arts and western building arts, as well as the best-deserved Nanmu Hall in largest scale in the south of Yangtze River. Tong Jun, Liu Guozhen, Pan Guxi, Luo Zhewen and Chen Congzhou, Chinese ancient garden experts, praised for Ho Family Garden’s unique architectural style and said it “the only copy in gardens of southern Yangtze delta”. Professor Luo Zhewen specially wrote“the Most Important Garden in Late Qing Dynasty ” for Ho Family Garden. As the development of Yangzhou’s tourism, it will be a must-see place for tourists who travel in Yangzhou.

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Ho Family GardenNo. 66 Xvningmen Street
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