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Senckenberg Nature Museum Frankfurt

Senckenberg Nature Museum Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Senckenberg Nature Museum in Frankfurt is one of the largest natural history museums in Germany and shows the variety of life today and the evolution of creatures and transformation of our earth over millions of years. Exhibitions and museums are the showcase of natural science, through which Senckenberg shares the latest scientific findings with people and provides an insight into bygone eras. In an area covering 6,000 square metres, visitors can expect to see several thousand exhibits, some of them unique worldwide. In addition to the amazing diversity of flora and fauna today, visitors can discover the vastness of space and travel through times long ago – from the Big Bang to the formation of our planet. Every exhibit has its own little story to tell and gives an impression of the time and environment from which it comes. Dinosaurs, enormous whales and elephants, countless beetles, fish and colourful birds – with its rare and often spectacular exhibits, Senckenberg conveys to the public research and research results from every field of biology, palaeontology and geology.
Highlights of the permanent exhibitions are, for example, the original skeleton of a Diplodocus (a gift from Morris Ketchum Jesup, a former president of the American Museum of Natural History, New York, for the inauguration of the new museum building in 1907) or the fossilised mummy of an Edmontosaurus from Wyoming with preserved skin casts.

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60325 Frankfurt am Main
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