Song Art Museum

Song Art Museum
Beijing, China

As a private art museum, the Song Art Museum is planned and set up by Mr. Wang Zhongjun, who is a world-class artwork collector, philanthropist, and also the founder and Chairman of Huayi Brothers Media Group. It was officially opened to the public on Sept. 27, 2017. The establishment of Song Art Museum can not only present the precious collections of Mr. Wang, who has collected arts for dozens of years, but also provide a new platform and opportunities for art research and creation.

Sitting beside the Wenyu River, Shunyi District, Beijing, the Song Art Museum, has a total area of about 22,000 square meters with indoor exhibition area covering around 2,200 square meters. The main building of the Song Art Museum has one storey on the ground and one partially underground, consisting of 12 exhibition halls, a public leisure space and an art derivatives space.

In terms of the architectural composition, the largest differences of the Song Art Museum from other museums are: firstly, conveying the sense of “cleanness” through the extremely concise modern architecture symbol; secondly, dispersedly planting 199 pine trees in the courtyard which represent the purity and majesty of a gentleman to form the double extension of the experience in visiting the museum and architectural composition.

The Song Art Museum sincerely welcomes the visit of all art lovers. In the future, the Song Art Museum will push forward the development of Chinese contemporary art, and participate in the exchanges with International contemporary arts (projects) by orderly hosting a series of high-quality exhibitions coupled with collection, research, education, publication and public events, thus building a brand-new art complex and a unique cultural landmark in Beijing.

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Song Art MuseumGelasi Raod, Tianzhu Town, Shunyi District
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