Yangzhou Museum

Yangzhou Museum
Yangzhou, China

Yangzhou Museum is located by the west side of Mingyue lake in the Xingcheng District of Yangzhou. The gross area is approximately 36216 square feet, they constitute Yangzhou Art center together with Yangzhou Library and Yangzhou Concert Hall. Their unique architectural style embodies the harmony of man and nature, structure and natural environment. Yangzhou Museum was established in 1951. Over the past 60 years, the staff has made joint efforts to get an outstanding achievement in aspects of acquisition, conservation, research, exhibition and cultural exchanges with other institutes.  As a museum of ancient Chinese art, Yangzhou Museum possesses a collection of 30,000 precious works of art. It is the biggest collection, research and leisure center in Yangzhou, and is also the Yangzhou Youth Popular Patriotism Education Base. Being completed in October, 2005, the new building has five permanent exhibition halls, as The Tide of Guangling —— The Stories of the Ancient Cities of Yangzhou, The Hall of Painting & Calligraphy by Eight Eccentric Artists, The Hall of Painting& Calligraphy, The Hall of National Treasure and The Hall of Ancient Artistic Carving, as well as a temporary exhibition hall. In August,2003, China Block Printing Museum was established under the approval of the State Council. It takes the 300,000 precious ancient book blockings as the main collections, takes collection and protection as the objective; it works at researching and propagating the culture of ancient block printing. The museum has two exhibition halls: The Hall of China Block Printing, the Hall of Yangzhou Block Printing.

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