Croatia: Hearts & Crafts

Experience the colors, sounds, and specialities of Croatia's unique culture

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Croatian National Tourist BoardMuseum Alka of SinjThe Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb

Brimming with life

Discover more about the vibrant culture of Croatia

The ABC of Croatia

Arts, crafts, festivities and more across Croatia

"As long as there is heart, there will be Croatia."Croatian proverb

Croatia knows how to celebrate

Discover the rich cultural landscape of festivals

False Brides and One-of-a-Kind Souvenirs

Quirky Quest into the Past

The surprising customs and traditions of Croatia

The sound of Croatia

Hear the traditional sounds resonating across regions, age groups and centuries.

The instruments, up close

Take a look at some of Croatian instruments

Traditional sounds hit the turntable

How modern pop stars are remixing their roots

Modern day musicians

Snapshots of Croatia's music superstars

What were the first wooden toys?
Hint: they were quite useful.
Blowing the dust (Lovro Fijan)

Made with love, worn with pride

A closer look at traditional clothing