7 Green Artworks

The colour of the natural and the unnatural - youthful spring, luscious forests, and mysterious figures

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Green Wheat Fields, Auvers (1890) by Vincent van GoghNational Gallery of Art, Washington DC

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Scroll on here to discover the lush, leafy worlds of green-colored paintings by Van Gogh and more with these iconic Green Artworks...

Green Field (1889) by Vincent van GoghNational Gallery Prague

1. Green Field, Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh's wanderings through the fields of southern France produced painting after painting of verdant landscapes, proud pines, flowing ears of corn, and tumbling boughs of trees.

Rosebushes under the Trees, Gustav Klimt

Nature at its best is in full display in Gustave Klimt's Rosebushes under the Trees. His mosaic-like dabs of colour reduce the tree to an abstract pattern, piercing the greenery with pink, mauve and yellow flowers and small patches of sky.

The Dream (1910) by Henri RousseauMoMA The Museum of Modern Art

The Dream, Henri Rousseau

The self-taught painter Henri Rousseau often visited the zoos and botanical gardens to Paris to study for his jungle paintings. In this, entitled The Dream, an elephant and a pair of lions, accompanied by a trumpeter, visit a nude woman amidst a fantastical tropical rainforest.

Deer in the Flower Garden (1913) by Franz MarcKunsthalle Bremen

Deer in the Flower Garden, Franz Marc

This mass of circles, swirls, and cones seeks the 'spiritual nature of things'. Franz Marc's 1913 Deer in the Flower Garden symbolizes the innocence long lost by humanity on the brink of war. The deer looks back, as if it has seen something strange…

Rudolf II of Habsburg as Vertumnus (1590) by Giuseppe ArcimboldoSkokloster Castle

Rudolf II of Habsburg as Vertumnus, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

This unparalleled portrait was made by Giuseppe Arcimboldo of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, painted as Vertumnus, the Roman god of metamorphoses and the seasons. The painting is both a highly accurate study of botany, and a surreal joke.

Green Field (1889) by Vincent van GoghNational Gallery Prague

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