How many animals can you find in this Wayang?

By Unit Pengelola Museum Seni

Kayon Gapuran (2012) by Bambang MurtiyasaUnit Pengelola Museum Seni

This is Wayang in the shape of Gunungan

It marks beginning and scenes in every Wayang performance. It symbolize the balance  and harmony of nature around us.  

In Gunungan you can find many animals.

Can you find animal living underwater?

One fish...

Two fish

There is Monkey in this Wayang too! Can you find it?

Hint : Hanging on trees.

Here they are ...

There is also small birds and big birds...

hello little birdie!

Look at its tail .. its a Rooster

Hello big bird...

Look at its tail .. can you guess what type of bird it is?

You're right !

A peacock 

Oh look ...

there is also a squirrel !

And butterfly

oh wait .. 

Butterfly and caterpillars !

What animal glides on trees and likes to eat peanuts and fruits? 

A squirrel

Last one ..

At the top of the Gunungan ...

You can find ... an owl !

How many animals can you find in this Wayang ?

Answer : 8 type of animals, 15 animals in total. 

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