What the People of Edinburgh Have to Say About Climate Change

Hear it from the people

By CyArk

Streets of Edinburgh (2019-04) by CyArkCyArk

Kirsten Leggatt, Operations volunteer for the 2050 Climate Group: "Scotland has one of the highest climate goals. The most intense carbon reduction targets. As of September 2019 Scotland has targeted net zero emissions by 2045"

Kirsten LeggattCyArk

"We, as young people of Scotland, feel that we have an important role to play in being the leaders in climate change action. We feel that we can showcase and demonstrate a sustainable successful low carbon world.” 

Katherine CarterCyArk

Katherine Carter, Circular Economy Project officer, Historic Environment Scotland: "At the levels we're running at the moment, consumption and production need to be reduced so that we can continue to prosper in a world of diminishing resources.”

Adam FlorenceCyArk

Adam Florence

Adam Florence, Carbon manager for Historic Environment Scotland: “In light of rising visitor numbers each year for the castle, we've actually seen from the investment we've put in a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption and 40 percent in carbon emissions.” 

Buildings in Edinburgh (2019-04) by CyArkCyArk

Yann Grandgirard, Project manager, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust: “We have got 4700 buildings within the World Heritage sites, and 75% of these buildings are listed. So it's quite an amazing amount of historic buildings within a very specific area. It is an urban phenomenon." 

Yann GrandgirardCyArk

"The way to deal with this issue is to work in partnerships. Try new projects and new Initiatives to make sure we understand the problems we share is good practice." 

Louise KellyCyArk

Louise Kelly, Sustainability officer for Historic Environment Scotland: “Even though visitor numbers of the castle have been going up dramatically in the past few years, we have still managed to reduce energy usage."

"That partially has to do with things like people making changes in their own lives, and also to material changes we've made here at the site.” 

Ellie MurtaghCyArk

Ellie Murtagh, Climate resilience coordinator for Adaptation Scotland : “Over our years of working with public bodies across Scotland, we've seen how when you work together, you succeed.” 

Anna BeswickCyArk

Anna Beswick, Program Manager, Adaptation Scotland Program: “I hope that we'll be able to learn about what's happening in different places, and to share our learning. Because none of us hold all of the keys and all of the solutions on how to tackle and adapt to climate change.” 

Road Through Scottish Countryside (2019-04) by CyArkCyArk

Anna Beswick

“It's really valuable to actually have that exchange of experience and ideas and to hopefully take positive steps as a result of that.” 

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