Zoom into Lee Ungno's Composition (1962)'

By Lee Ungno Museum

Composition (1962) by Lee UngnoLee Ungno Museum

This painting well presents the characteristics of the abstract paintings that Lee Ungno made during the 1960s.

In this period, he often used the colours that remind of hemp clothes dyed in natural pigments: pale and stained brown or yellow, aged purple or black. Using dark blue and pale white as its main colours, this painting creates an impression of retaining the past.

Irregular strokes, marks and dots are scattered all over the canvas...

... while being connected to one another in an organic way.

His works made during this period tend to be suggestive of parts of natural forms, although they were not descriptive.

Despite the abstract quality of this painting, the impression given of an aged gravestone covered in blue moss originates in its pale and stained colours.

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