Without B­ees There Would Be No Flowers

Garden Museum

This exhibition presents a body of work by artist Anita Gwynn that focuses on celebrating the relationship between bees and plants.  Here Anita Gwynn writes about her inspiration behind the artwork. 

Anita Gwynn's Plant Sketchbooks, Brockley, London (2019) by Anita GwynnGarden Museum

'I like to draw the flowers of the wayside. The tenacity of the flowers that pop up in the urban environment is to be celebrated.' - Anita Gwynn

Dandelion (2019) by Anita GwynnGarden Museum

'I love the flowers that come up amongst the litter and the debris of life around a station or a bus stop.' - Anita Gwynn

Root of Herb Robert (2019) by Anita GwynnGarden Museum

'Suddenly something jewel like catches your eye and you are cheered.' - Anita Gwynn

Onobrychis viciifolia (2019) by Anita GwynnGarden Museum

'They need pollinators. Each flower has a use and a story. They are food to us, the bees, butterflies and insects, or have healing properties that have been used for centuries.' - Anita Gwynn

Artworks by Anita Gwynn on Studio Wall, Brockley, London (2019) by Anita GwynnGarden Museum

'I cannot draw the plants without thinking about their survival.' - Anita Gwynn

Garlic Mustard (2019) by Anita GwynnGarden Museum

'I work at the nearby Roots and Shoots (Training for Young People, Environmental Education for All) which has a wildlife garden. There is a bee hotel and I have been amazed by what I have learned. As a result I have become very interested in the solitary bees that you find there.' - Anita Gwynn 

Perfect for Pollination (2019) by Anita GwynnGarden Museum

'My work is a celebration of the relationship of the bees and the plants and of the sanctuary that the (Roots and Shoots) wildlife garden has provided to help these pollinators survive.' - Anita Gwynn

Credits: Story

We would like to thank Anita Gwynn for her support with this project.

Credits: All media
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