Trilogy 1 : History

Artistic Director | Thierry Raspail

By Biennale de Lyon

Poster Biennale 1991 - "L'Amour de l'art" (1991) by Ruedi Baur et associésBiennale de Lyon

Lyon Biennale 1991 : The Love of Art

Curators – Thierry Raspail and Thierry Prat Venues – Tony Garnier Hall, Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art

The inaugural edition, The Love of Art, 22 years after the Pompidou exhibition, produced a survey of creative venues in France. Sixty-nine artworks by as many artists were exhibited for the first time. Over four weeks, this first Biennale drew 77,000 visitors and earned itself a European audience.

Sans toi la maison est chauve (1991) by Erik DIETMANBiennale de Lyon

Sans toi la maison est chauve (1991)

Untitled (1991) by PIERRE & GILLESBiennale de Lyon

Sans titre (1991)

Poster Biennale 1993 - "Et tous ils changent le monde" (1993) by Ruedi Baur et associésBiennale de Lyon

Lyon Biennale 1993 : And They All Change the World

Curator – Marc Dachy Venue – Tony Garnier Hall

This second edition reconsidered a century of avant-garde movements in the light of the “Dada/ Fluxus” pairing. Fifty artists showed major works of 20th-century art and specially-produced pieces. Painters, poets, novelists and philosophers who have shaken up the definition of art – from Malevitch to Basquiat via Duchamp, Warhol, Nam June Paik and Bill Viola – gathered in Lyon to highlight the interactions between the century’s visual-art and verbal transformations. The 1993 Biennale hosted 89,000 visitors.

Barriers (1993) by Allan KAPROWBiennale de Lyon

Barriers (1993)

Poster Biennale 1995 - "Interactivité, image mobile, vidéo" (1995) by Ruedi Baur et associésBiennale de Lyon

Lyon Biennale 1995 : Interactivity, Moving Pictures, Video

Curator – Georges Rey Venues – Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, Conference Centre

The third Biennale inaugurated the new Museum of Contemporary Art designed by Renzo Piano in the heart of the Cité Internationale quarter. Taking its lead from the centenary of cinema and from the Lumière brothers, the event looked back at the short history of video art – from the first art experience on television to interactivity and broadband; a history retraced by 64 guest artists. The public discovered a generation of artists using the latest technological innovations. Some 133,000 visitors explored the halls of Lyon’s Conference Centre and Museum of Contemporary Art.

South Bay Rive-in, South Bay (1993) by Hiroshi SUGIMOTOBiennale de Lyon

South Bay (1993)

Untitled (Bon voyage M. Ackerman) (1995) by Rirkrit TIRAVANIJABiennale de Lyon

(Bon voyage M. Ackerman) (1995)

Piano-as Image media (1995) by Toshio IWAIBiennale de Lyon

Piano-as Image media (1995)
Toshio IWAI

10 Pieces shown in Wupperthal (1963) by Nam Jun PAIKBiennale de Lyon

10 Pieces shown in Wupperthal (1963)
Nam Jun PAIK

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