5 Reasons to Explore Son Doong Cave

By Quang Binh Tourism Department

Hang Son Doong 1Quang Binh Tourism Department

1. The cave is so huge it has its own climate

A cave took millions of years to develop. As the largest cave on earth, Son Doong has ecosystem like no other, it has its own tropical forest, a river so deep you can dive in and numerous floras and faunas to study from. 

Video Credit : Ryan Deboodt/Oxalis Adventure

Doline 2 timelapseQuang Binh Tourism Department

2. It's an adventure like no other.

Visiting or exploring caves for recreation may be called cavingpotholing, or spelunking. At Son Doong, it took four days and an army of help to get you through. Since its public opening in 2013, only 6000+ people have finished the expedition. 

Hang Son Doong 5Quang Binh Tourism Department

3. The cave has its own river!

In its subterranean river you could canoe, swim and even dive in. The There are still so much more to learn about the cave.

Climb on the great wall by Oxalis AdventureQuang Binh Tourism Department

4. Climb the great wall of Vietnam

From river crossings and a harnessed ascent up the 90-meter-high "Great Wall of Vietnam".

Great wall of Vietnam 3Quang Binh Tourism Department

Starring night at Garden of Edam looking out by Oxalis AdventureQuang Binh Tourism Department

5. Overnight under the starry night

In the night that you spend in the cave, with weather allowed, you can have a ‘hotel under the bright starry sky’ experience. 

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