Giovanni Segantini: 7 works

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The Choir of the Church of Sant’Antonio in Milan (1879/1879) by Giovanni SegantiniFondazione Cariplo

'The painting, which shows the choir of the church of Sant'Antonio Abate in Milan with an altar boy putting out the sheets of music for the next service, was produced by Segantini at the end of his studies and shown in the annual exhibition of the Brera Academy.'

Landscape with Sheep (1881 - 1881) by Giovanni SegantiniMuseo Vincenzo Vela

'The painting was given as a gift to Spartaco Vela from Segantini himself.'

Bagpipers of Brianza (c. 1883-85) by Giovanni SegantiniThe National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo

'It is thought that this work was created during the period when Segantini moved from Milan in 1881 to a town on the shores of Lake Como.'

Working the Land (1886/1886) by Giovanni SegantiniFondazione Cariplo

'The larger format of the work in the Cariplo Collection, the quick, clean lines, which almost suggest a tracing, and the technique itself all support the hypothesis that Segantini produced or used it as a cartoon or preparatory drawing for a work on a larger scale, which may never have been executed. Both drawings belong to the series of studies of agricultural labour carried out at Savognino, a town in the canton of Grisons, where Segantini had been enabled to move with his family in 1886 by financial support from Vittore Grubicy.'

Girl Knitting in Savognin (1888) by Giovanni SegantiniKunsthaus Zürich

'This is probably one of the most popular paintings by Giovanni Segantini.'

The Punishment of Lust (1891) by Giovanni SegantiniWalker Art Gallery, Liverpool

'After thus paying for their sins they will eventually attain Nirvana, a Buddhist heaven, represented by the distant splendid mountain range carefully painted by Segantini from the Swiss Alps near St Moritz.'

Alpine Pasture (1893/1894) by Giovanni SegantiniKunsthaus Zürich

'The painter Giovanni Segantini had an impoverished and joyless childhood. He barely turned eight before both his parents died.'

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