Gustav Klimt: Portaits (1883–1917/18)

A selection from the numerous portraits of the artist in the collection of the Wien Museum is shown. You will also find two poodles!

By Wien Museum

Rudolf von Eitelberger on his deathbed (1885) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

Rudolf von Eitelberger (1817–1885) was the founding director of the Österreichisches Museum für Kunst und Industrie as well as of the affiliated School of Applied Arts, where Gustav Klimt was his student.

Portrait of Gustav Klimt’s sister Hermine in profile facing left (1887/1888) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

Portrait of an unknown woman (Frau Heymann?) (c. 1894) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

Because this portrait was purchased from the estate of the collector Dr. A. Heymann, it has been speculated that it may have been his wife. Other theories exist according to which the subject may have been his sister.

Portrait of Emilie Flöge (1902) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

Gustav Klimt’s Portrait of Emilie Flöge is one of the most celebrated and most valuable paintings in the Wien Museum.

Study for a portrait of a seated woman (1904/1905) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

Study for a portrait of a woman facing right (1911) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

This is one of the rare sheets on which Klimt made notations concerning changes in proportions planned for the painted version.

Study for a portrait of a girl (1912/1913) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

Woman with hat and coat (1896/1897) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

Two studies of a poodle (1902/1904) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

In the museum’s inventory, both studies are registered as “Hund des Frl. Flöge” (dog belonging to Miss Flöge).

Portrait of a child (Marie Moll) (1902/1904) by Gustav KlimtWien Museum

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Abridged texts from the exhibition catalogue:

Klimt. The Collection of the Wien Museum
Editor: Ursula Storch

Editing: Ursula Storch and Kerstin Krenn

301 pages, Hatje Cantz Verlag 2012, ISBN 978-3-7757-3360-1

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