"Closely Related"

2019 Very Fun Park Contemporary Art Exhibition

By Fubon Art Foundation

“Being closely related means one breath follows another when breathing, literally. It also means being intertwined, metaphorically.”

100 colors (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by Emmanuelle MoureauxFubon Art Foundation

Living in the modern world amidst various changes, do our paths cross or run in parallel? How many realities are there in the imaginary future? As art intervenes to breathe a breath of fresh air into the commercialized city, can it also reshape and transform culture and beauty?

"Closely Related" has brought together 8 artists from all over the world who will display their works at the heart of the Xinyi District to express their imagination of interpersonal relation. Visitors will discover different aspects of relation through experience and feeling.

Time Travel Vehicle (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by LI Cheng LiangFubon Art Foundation

The seemingly scattered exhibits actually connect to form a line and then a plane that is nestled within the city as a coexisting counterpart, inspiring thoughts and imagination in the limited duration of its existence.

The exhibition features a series of homonyms that metaphorically emphasize the non-negligible relationships in a collective society. It is meant to associate the self and others or groups, and reflect one’s position vis-a-vis the existence of others. Everything makes sense when viewers come face to face with the work.

That said, “Closely Related" has moved from a 2.3-kilometer sky bridge in the heart of the Xinyi District in 2018 to a corridor and grassy area. As an advocate of physical experience, “Very Fun Park” encourages dialogues between artworks and space, allowing the public to see the city’s contour.

Interact With Art - Modified Social Benches (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by Jeppe HeinFubon Art Foundation

Interact With Art - Modified Social Benches

Inspired by the garden benches often seen in parks, Jeppe Hein redefines the meaning and relations of the act of “sitting” by changing the benches' ordinary design. Uniquely shaped, some of these benches look like small rolling hills, while others like a winding river.

Interact With Art - Modified Social Benches (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by Jeppe HeinFubon Art Foundation

Visitors have to alter their posture to sit on these benches and in so doing they’re encouraged to interact with the persons sitting next to them. 

These benches transform their surroundings into places of social  activity and foster exchange between the users.

One Planet, Same Destiny, A Long Journey Together (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by Philip GiordanoFubon Art Foundation

One Planet, Same Destiny, A Long Journey Together

Italian illustrator Philip Giordano has picked up the baton in designing Fubon A25 site this year. Continuing the theme of “globalization”, Giordano uses vibrant color blocks, bold lines, and personified animal characters to give the 400-meter long wall a brand new look.

One Planet, Same Destiny, A Long Journey Together (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by Philip GiordanoFubon Art Foundation

Based on observation of physical form and habitual nature, the artist personifies the animals in bold contours. He wants this piece of work to drive home the value of living things that he has drawn to be holding hands, symbolizing interdependence between all earthly beings.


Yu Wen Fu is an expert at creating feather and bamboo art. His work “Breeze・Breeze” is a sea of flowy white feathers that changes our stereotype of Breeze Xinyi Boulevard. Pieces of snowy white feathers made of Taiwan bamboo and feathers hang from the ceiling above the corridor.

“I try to materialize the air between us by recreating the shape of a breeze in this installation.”
----- Yu Wen Fu

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When a breeze comes through, we can “see” the presence of the air flow and hear the rustle of the bamboo and feathers. Our senses are awakened to perceive the circle of life between people, the environment, and nature.

Dog Elongate type A Dog Elongate type B Dog Elongate type C (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by HUNG YiFubon Art Foundation

Dog Elongate type A, B and C

Hung Yi's artistic expression has always been colorful, bold and fierce. As the expression of color has changed from paint to metallic luster and using mirroring effect, Hung's work prompts interaction and dialogue between visitors and the environment.

Dog Elongate type A Dog Elongate type B Dog Elongate type C (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by HUNG YiFubon Art Foundation

This series is a combination of different shapes. They reflect the artist's sense of humor and observation of things in life. The dogs with a cracking smile is like a friend in life who's always there to greet you and ready to bring some simple joy and surprise to your life.

100 colors (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by Emmanuelle MoureauxFubon Art Foundation

100 colors

This 22 meter long installation is part of the “100 Colors” series launched by color designer Emmanuelle Moureaux in 2013. Using the “Shikiri” approach she invented which literally means dividing or making the space with 100 colors to explore different possibilities. 

The artist uses color gradients to remake the space so people can have fun with the colors on this grassy area and enjoy the ultimate sensory exercise. This palette-like installation also reflects Emma’s interpretation of the colors in Taipei City.

Giant's many chairs (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by LI Cheng LiangFubon Art Foundation

Giant's many chairs

This giant sculpture is the work of Taiwanese artist Li Cheng Liang. Li likes to collect old objects and breathe new life into them by reassembling the pieces. Li has made the fold-up chairs recovered from baseball stadium into an artwork that is both functional and beautiful.

Giant's many chairs (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by LI Cheng LiangFubon Art Foundation

The walls are made of cut and bent iron panels put together one by one to form the body of an inclined giant. Audience may walk through it and feel the giant's embrace, while enjoying the fantastic world that the artist has created.

Time Travel Vehicle (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by LI Cheng LiangFubon Art Foundation

Time Travel Vehicle

Strolling down the streets of Xinyi District, it is hard not to be drawn to this huge extraterrestrial installation. Li Cheng Liang is deeply influenced by sci-fi films, and so tries to create a spiritual time machine amidst the high streets of Xinyi commercial district. 

Visitors can listen to the whisper of the ambient music while watching the changing images projected around the cabin. Li hopes to create a place of exploration where the changes of color, light and shadow and ambient sounds evoke memories and imagination.

Zodiac Madness (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by HUANG SyrinFubon Art Foundation

Zodiac Madness

Huang Syrin specializes in storytelling through paper cutting. Her paper-cutting skills have given the characters unique personalities and flexible movements, creating a large number of star-studded scenes to turn the veteran's village into something unconventional. 

Western astrology believes that changes in the stars reflect our everyday life and the 12 signs represent different personality traits. Legend has it that beyond the solar system, a naughty adjoining star stayed out playing and did not return to its house before nightfall. 

Zodiac Madness 2 (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by HUANG SyrinFubon Art Foundation

The ensuing chaos in the horoscope prompted the 12 disturbed signs to secretly travel to Earth to find the missing star. However, they must return home before sunrise in order to successfully prevent the spread of the interstellar chaos.

Thought Pile (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by Freeman LAUFubon Art Foundation

Thought Pile

Freeman Lau, an outstanding designer and artist, creates the “Chair Play” series by his daily observations and years of thinking, inferring, and accumulating. The series is not only highly recognizable but also strikes a chord with the masses. 

Thought Pile (2019-03-19/2019-05-19) by Freeman LAUFubon Art Foundation

Lau believes the chairs are not only for sitting. “Chair Play II” embodies people’s pursuit of status and power. In the unnerving process of teeter totter, both sides need to communicate and make compromises before reaching a balanced state.

The once a year meet up with "Very Fun Park” encourages you to take it slow and discover the infinite possibilities of art in the city. Do more than looking and experiencing, and you may also discover the relations within and cherish the moment when our paths cross.

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