The Life of Gustav Klimt (1908-18)

The artist's later life and works

By Belvedere

Kunstschau 1908 (1908)Austrian National Library


In spring, Klimt exhibited the "Jurisprudence" Faculty Painting and other works in Prague. The "Vienna Kunstschau" exhibition, organized by the Klimt Group, took place from June through November. Klimt presented sixteen paintings at the exhibition, ...

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, First Version 1907/1908 (1908) by Moriz NährAustrian National Library

... including "The Kiss (Lovers)" (Belvedere, Vienna) for the first time. The Department of Education bought the piece for the Modern Gallery. Klimt made some minor changes to it right before it was delivered. The province of Lower Austria purchased the "Portrait of Emilie Flöge" painting (Wien Museum).


Klimt participated in the 9th "Biennale" in Venice. The Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna acquired the "Judith II (Salome)" painting. From July through August he stayed in Kammer on Lake Attersee, where, with the support of Emilie Flöge, he worked on the designs for the mosaic frieze for the dining room of the Palais Stoclet in Brussels (MAK, Vienna).

Schloss Kammer on Lake Attersee III (1909/1910) by Gustav KlimtBelvedere

He also started work on "Death and Life" (Leopold Museum, Vienna), and completed "Family" (Belvedere, Vienna) and "Schloss Kammer on Attersee III" (Belvedere, Vienna).

Gustav Klimt standing in his garden in front of his studio (1911-05) by Moriz NährAustrian National Library


In March, Klimt traveled to Rome, where his recently completed painting, "Death and Life" (Leopold Museum, Vienna), was awarded the first prize at the International Art Exhibition. Klimt rented a new studio at number 11 Feldmühlgasse in Vienna's 13th district.

Palais Stoclet, dining roomAustrian National Library

The frieze for the dining room of the Palais Stoclet in Brussels was created according to Klimt's designs as a large wall mosaic made of ceramic, glass, and enamel, mounted on marble slabs.

Avenue to Schloss Kammer (1912) by Gustav KlimtBelvedere


Gustav (1912–89), the first child of Klimt and Consuela Camilla Huber (1896–1978), was born in this year. Klimt spent July through September in Kammer on Lake Attersee. He worked on the painting "Avenue of Schloss Kammer Park" (Belvedere, Vienna).

Amalie Zuckerkandl (1917/1918) by Gustav KlimtBelvedere


Klimt continued to work on the "Amalie Zuckerkandl" portrait (Belvedere, Vienna), but his work was interrupted when the sitter left due to the war in Vienna. A later continuation of the work was planned, but did not come to pass.

Gustav Klimt (1917) by Moriz NährAustrian National Library


On February 6, Klimt's mother, Anna, died. At the end of June, he went to stay in Moravia. Klimt and Consuela Camilla Huber's son Wilhelm (1915–43) was born in this year.

Death and Life (First Version) (1910/1911) by Gustav KlimtLeopold Museum


Revision of the "Death and Life" painting (Leopold Museum, Vienna) and presentation of the new version at the Vienna Kunstschau exhibition at the Berlin Secession. Work started on "Adam and Eve" (Belvedere, Vienna).

Death and Life (1910/15) by Gustav KlimtLeopold Museum

Portrait of Gustav Klimt in profile facing left (1905) by Friedrich Viktor SpitzerWien Museum


On January 11, Gustav Klimt suffered a stroke in his apartment at 36 Westbahnstraße and was paralyzed down one side. The artist was initially taken to the Löw Sanatorium in Vienna, where he received treatment. At the beginning of February, he contracted pneumonia and was relocated to the Vienna General Hospital, where he died on February 6.

Death mask of Gustav Klimt (1918) by Moriz SchrothWien Museum

Three days later, Klimt was buried in the Hietzinger cemetery amid an outpouring of public grief.

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