North India's Traditional Tableware

A look at the traditional tableware used to serve different cuisines in India, be it at Diwali or Christmas.

Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Snackstand, brass plates, curved platesPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Perfect fit for all cuisines

These traditionally handcrafted brass and copper utensils look beautiful with different kinds of cuisines like Indian, Italian, American, Mexican, Mughlai, etc.

Brass plate, brass glass, brass katori, brass coaster, brass dabbiPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Immense health benefits

Apart from looking aesthetically beautiful, these traditional metals are rich in nutrients and antibacterial properties which help individuals stay healthy in the long run. The use of such metals is a major reason for high life expectancy of individuals in the past.

curved plates and spoonsPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Traditional touch for modern meals

Traditional brass and copper utensils and cutlery can be used for salads,  starters, snacks and all kinds of modern cuisines. Traditionally made utensils if used thoughtfully can be made to look quirky.

Naacho bowl, round jug, brass glasses, brass plate, curved platesPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Setup for all snacking needs

Most people these days have shifted to modern tableware because of unawareness about the aesthetics of traditional tableware setups. These traditional metals can be used in several ways such as eating, drinking, serving as well as storing.

Brass plate, brass glass, brass katori, brass coaster, brass dabbiPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Versatility of traditional metals

Alongwith using these metals as utility and serve ware items, they can also be used as decor pieces like the Snack and dip bowl here has been used with flower petals and candles to add beauty to the home spaces.

Hammering the sheet with artisan in framePunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Origin of the traditional shapes

The picture depicts the raw form of the traditional curved plates which are further moulded and hammered by the Thatheras of Punjab.

brass and copper curved platePunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Curved Plates

The finished form of curved plates are perfect for all types of cuisines. They carry the legacy and traditions of the Thatheras and enhance your overall food experience and tableware setup.

Monsoons with P-TAL: Curved PlatesPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Quirky yet traditional

The featured product is one of the easiest to be crafted by the artisans and resembles the beauty in simplicity.

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