Trilogy 4 – Transmission

Artistic Director | Thierry Raspail - 3 editions 2009/2011/2013

By Biennale de Lyon

Poster BAC 2009 - "Le spectacle du quotidien" (2009) by DonutsBiennale de Lyon

2009 – The Spectacle of the Everyday

Curator – Hou Hanru Venues - La Sucrière, Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, Bullukian Foundation, Bichat Warehouse

After 20 years and 10 editions, the Lyon Biennale now explored the tendency of the current art and culture scene to strive to reinvent the ordinary as an antidote to the spectacular. With The Spectacle of the Everyday as its overarching theme, the event reflected on the purpose of art in our spectacular world, and attempted to rediscover the very close link between the making of art and individual lives. This Biennale comprised four sections: The Magic of Things, Celebrating the Drift, Living Together and Another World Is Possible. The featured artists – including Tsang Kinwah, Latifa Echakch, Lee Mingwei, Maria Thereza Alves, Shilpa Gupta, Jimmie Durham and Agnès Varda – examined reality with a critical eye and imagined new social codes.

L'arc-en-ciel sous la pierre (2009) by Eko NUGROHOBiennale de Lyon

L'arc-en-ciel sous la pierre, 2009

L'ouverture (2009) by SARKISBiennale de Lyon

L'ouverture, 2009

What a loop (2009) by Ha Za Vu zuBiennale de Lyon

What a loop, 2009
Ha Za Vu zu

Let Us Build And Launch A Blue Rocket To His Heaven (2009) by Kin-Wah TSANGBiennale de Lyon

Let Us Build And Launch A Blue Rocket To His Heaven, 2009

Golden Head (2004) by Yong Ping HUANGBiennale de Lyon

Golden Head, 2004
par Yong Ping HUANG

Untitled ; Three Man Stack ; Geometric panels (2009) by Barry MC GEEBiennale de Lyon

Untitled ; Three Man Stack ; Geometric panels, 2009
Barry MC GEE

Gauche / Droite (2009) by Rigo 23Biennale de Lyon

Gauche / Droite, 2009
Rigo 23

La Cabane de l'Echec devenue la Cabane de Cinéma (2006) by Agnès VARDABiennale de Lyon

La Cabane de l'Echec devenue la Cabane de Cinéma, 2006

Java's machine : Phantasmagoria (2008) by Jompet KUSWIDANANTOBiennale de Lyon

Java's machine : Phantasmagoria, 2008

Poster 2011 - Une terrible beauté est née (2011) by Erick BeltranBiennale de Lyon

2011 – A Terrible Beauty Is Born

Curator - Victoria Noorthoorn Venues – La Sucrière, Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, T.A.S.E. Factory, Bullukian Foundation

This edition’s title was taken from a poem by W.B. Yeats relating the tragic story of Ireland’s claim for territorial independence from Great Britain. Curated by Victoria Noorthoorn, the oxymoronic “terrible beauty” endeavoured to pinpoint, in the “modernity” of international current affairs, the demands and creations of artists who identify with both the continuity and discontinuity of our globalised world, and with the beauty that is left in it. Work by 78 artists was shown, including major new pieces by, among others, Augusto da Campos, Robert Kusmirowski, Marina de Caro, Jorge Macchi, Tracey Rose, and Lynette Yiadom-Boakye.

2011 - Victoria Noorthoorn's portraitBiennale de Lyon

Portrait of Victoria Noorthoorn
Curator of the 11th Biennale de Lyon, Une terrible beauté est née

GOTT IST NIVEA (DIEU EST NIVEA) (2005) by Jochen DEHNBiennale de Lyon

Jochen DEHN

Bear Island Dome (1965) by Buckminster FULLERBiennale de Lyon

Bear Island Dome, 1965
Buckminster FULLER

An Artwork in the Third Person (2009) by Sarah PIERCEBiennale de Lyon

An Artwork in the Third Person, 2009

Stronghold (2011) by Robert KUSMIROWSKIBiennale de Lyon

Stronghold, 2011

The Ultimate Realities (2001) by Diego BIANCHIBiennale de Lyon

The Ultimate Realities, 2001

Le silence des Sirènes (2011) by Eduardo BASUALDOBiennale de Lyon

Interview de l'artiste Eduardo Basualdo

Kulissen (2011) by Ulla VON BRANDENBURGBiennale de Lyon

Kulissen, 2011

Marienbad (2011) by Jorge MACCHIBiennale de Lyon

Marienbad, 2011

La Bruja (La Sorcière) (1979) by Cildo MEIRELESBiennale de Lyon

La Bruja (La Sorcière), 1979

Your look Will Give The Angel Strength (2001) by Elly STRIKBiennale de Lyon

Your look Will Give The Angel Strength, 2001

Poster Biennale 2013 : "Entre-temps...Brusquement, et ensuite" (2013) by Design : An Art Service Photo : Roe EthridgeBiennale de Lyon

2013 – Meanwhile, Suddenly… and Then

Curator - Gunnar B. Kvaran NdT: merci de mettre un espace avant Kvaran Venues – La Sucrière, Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, Bullukian Foundation, Saint-Just Church, L’Antiquaille boiler plant

In 2013 the international exhibition, curated by Gunnar B. Kvaran, exhibited work by 77 artists from 21 countries worldwide, in five venues across Greater Lyon. Kvaran’s artistic project had a strong flavour of the future: 80% of the exhibits were new work, and 73% of the artists were aged under 40. The 2013 Biennale de Lyon brought together artists from all over the world who work in the narrative field and experiment, through their work, with the modalities and mechanisms of narration.

Clip Biennale de Lyon 2013Biennale de Lyon

2013 - Curator Gunnar B. KvaranBiennale de Lyon

Gunnar B. Kvaran, Curator of the 12th Biennale de Lyon, Entretemps... Brusquement, Et ensuite

People Who Don't Know They're Dead (2013) by Karl HAENDELBiennale de Lyon

People Who Don't Know They're Dead, 2013

Meet Karl Haendel

In and Out and In and Out, Again (2013) by Matthew RONAYBiennale de Lyon

In and Out and In and Out, Again, 2013
Matthew RONAY

Meet Matthey Ronay

I'm intact and I don't care (2013) by Lili REYNAUD-DEWARBiennale de Lyon

I'm intact and I don't care, 2013

Meet Lili Reynaud-Dewar

An inconvenient Trash (2013) by Trisha BAGABiennale de Lyon

An inconvenient Trash, 2013
Trisha BAGA

Meet Trisha Baga

Me in Me (2013) by Ming WONGBiennale de Lyon

Me in Me, 2013

Meet Ming Wong

Oracles, Owls -- Some Animals Never Sleep (2013) by Ann LISLEGAARDBiennale de Lyon

Oracles, Owls -- Some Animals Never Sleep, 2013

Untitled ; Untitled (1978) by Robert GOBERBiennale de Lyon

Untitled, 1978
Robert GOBER

Barbie Slave Ship (2013) by Tom SACHSBiennale de Lyon

Barbie Slave Ship, 2013

Meet Tom Sachs

Balloon Venus (Yellow) (2008) by Jeff KOONSBiennale de Lyon

Balloon Venus (Yellow), 2008

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