The Artisanal Crafts Of Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights and season of gifting that celebrates the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom after 14 long years of exile. Take a look at some of the traditional lamps, utensils and tableware used in the celebrations.

Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

DiyaPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Diwali (Festival of Lights)

The story of Lord Rama getting back to the kingdom and people were so happy so there were Diyas all across the kingdom. Handcrafted Diyas (a lamp that lights with wick, oil and flame) still plays a very important part in the celebration of Diwali.

Copper Water dispenser with glassesPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Relevance of Brass and Copper in Festivals

Any metal used in its purest form is considered to be used during Puja or any Festivities. Festivals are all about celebrating with your loved ones and with lot of food and drinks. Thathera made products are perfect fit for all sorts of gatherings.

hanging planter & PlanterPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Celebration of traditions and ethnicity

The traditional products handcrafted by the Thatheras can be used in more ways than one in festivals: the ethnicity and auspiciousness of thaalis in puja, planters and lamps in decorations, etc. 

Patila & patiliPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Brass: An auspicious investment

Brass or Bell metal both the alloys of Copper are considered auspicious, and hence people invest in a lot of it during this season. The festival has series of celebrations before and after the main festival like Dhanteras (a festival where people invest in utensils).

Diwali: Season of Lights [Diyas]Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Diya (Traditional Lamp)

Diwali is usually marked on Amavasya (the new moon day) which is a reason why people light numerous diyas all across the country. 

Diwali: Season of Lights [Parat and Diya]Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Traditional Paraat in Diwali

Paraat is a brass utensil which is used to knead dough but during Diwali it can be used as a water container that can hold rose petals and Diyas or traditional lamps.

Legacy of the Artisan [Hari Krishan Suri]Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

A time of joy for the artisans

On the onset of Diwali every year, all the Indian houses are lit up with decorations and people buy new things as they look forward to the festival with excitement. The time also becomes celebratory for Thatheras of Punjab when people embrace their products for the festival.

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