A Just Russia — Patriots — For Truth

A Just Russia — Patriots — For Truth, formerly A Just Russia, is a social-democratic political party in Russia. The party, part of the "systemic opposition", is considered to be pro-Kremlin.
The party was formed on 28 October 2006 as a merger of the left-wing factions of Rodina, the Russian Party of Life and the Russian Pensioners' Party. Later, six further minor parties joined. It calls for a "New Socialism of the 21st Century" which guarantees the rights and freedoms of the individual and ensures the proper functioning of a welfare state. In 2011, Nikolai Levichev was elected as party chairman, succeeding Sergey Mironov who led the party in 2006–2011. On 27 October 2013, Mironov was re-elected as party chairman, and again on 28 October 2018. On 28 January 2021, the party merged with the For Truth and Patriots of Russia parties.
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