628 AD - 704 AD

Adomnán or Adamnán of Iona, also known as Eunan, was an abbot of Iona Abbey, hagiographer, statesman, canon jurist, and saint. He was the author of the Life of Columba, probably written between 697 and 700. This biography is by far the most important surviving work written in early-medieval Scotland, and is a vital source for our knowledge of the Picts, and an insight into the life of Iona and the early-medieval Gaelic monk.
Adomnán promulgated the Law of Adomnán or "Law of Innocents". He also wrote the treatise De Locis Sanctis, an account of the great Christian holy places and centres of pilgrimage. Adomnán got much of his information from a Frankish bishop called Arculf, who had personally visited Egypt, Rome, Constantinople and the Holy Land, and visited Iona afterwards.
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