Alexandre Charpentier

Jun 10, 1856 - Mar 4, 1909

Alexandre-Louis-Marie Charpentier was a French sculptor, medalist, craftsman, and cabinet-maker.
From working-class origins and apprenticed to an engraver as a young man, he became a studio assistant to the innovative medallist Joseph-Hubert Ponscarme. Along with Ponscarme, Louis-Oscar Roty, and other artists, Charpentier advanced a resurgence of art in French medal design. Charpentier's patrons included André Antoine, for whom he designed theatre programmes.
Charpentier experimented with a wide variety of formats and materials—tin, marble, wood, leather, and terra cotta work, the latter executed by ceramic artisan Emile Müller. He opened several cabinet shops and designed many sets of furniture. Many of his custom designs for fixtures were subsequently mass-produced and commercially sold.
Several of Charpentier's works are part of the Musée d'Orsay collection.
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