Amador Lugo Guadarrama

Apr 12, 1921 - Jun 26, 2002

Amador Lugo Guadarrama was a Mexican painter, graphic artist, writer and cultural promoter, best known for his landscape painting and the founding of several cultural institutions. He began painting when still a child, attending the Escuela al Aire Libre de Pintura in Taxco then developing his career in Mexico City. At that time, the Mexican muralism school was still dominant. Lugo related to its aesthetics but not so much to its politics, so he participated in the founding of various institutions such as the Sociedad Mexicana de Grabadores and the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana which provided opportunities for artists outside the dominant movement. He also worked as an educator, writer and cultural promoter, mostly in Mexico City and his home state of Guerrero.
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