49 BC - 20 AD

Amanitore was a Nubian Kandake, or queen regnant, of the ancient Kushitic Kingdom of Meroë, which also is referred to as Nubia in many ancient sources. Alternative spellings include Candace and Kentake. In Egyptian hieroglyphics the throne name of Amanitore reads as Merkare. Many Kandakes are described as warrior-queens who led forces in battle.
Kandake Amanitore is often mentioned as co-regent with Natakamani although it is unclear whether she was his wife or mother.
Her royal palace was at Gebel Barkal in modern-day Sudan, which now is a UNESCO heritage site. The area of her rule was between the Nile and the Atbara rivers.
She was part of the Meroitic historical period and her reign began in 1 BCE. The rule of her successor, Amanitaraqide, was complete by 50 CE.
Amanitore is mentioned in a number of texts as a ruler. These include the temple at the Nubian capital of Napata in present-day Sudan, in a temple in Meroë near Shendi, again in Sudan, and at the Naqa Lion Temple. Images of Natakamani frequently include an image of Amanitore; however, it could be that Amanitore was his mother rather than his wife. A Kandake was a powerful position in the hierarchy of Kush.
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