Andrea Locatelli

Dec 19, 1695 - Feb 19, 1741

Andrea Locatelli was an Italian painter of landscapes.
Locatelli was born in Rome in 1695, as stated by him at the base of a self-portrait drawing he made for Nicola Pio in 1723. Andrea was the son of Giovanni Francesco Locatelli and not Pietro Locatelli, as has been previously reported. He studied under his father until 1708 and then under Monsù Alto who specialized in marine scenery. In 1712, he along with Paolo Anesi became students of Bernardino Fergioni, also a marine genre specialist. By 1723, at 28 years old, he was referred to by Pio as a master. He was influenced by Jan Frans van Bloemen, Giovanni Ghisolfi, Gaspard Dughet, Claude Lorrain, and especially Salvator Rosa. In turn he influenced such artists as Paolo Anesi, Giovanni Paolo Panini, Paolo Monaldi, and Marco Ricci.
The subject matter most popular with the academic artists of this time was mainly sacred, historical or mythological themes. Locatelli broke with these traditions and concentrated on landscapes, a genre thought to be inferior by the art critics of his day. In fact, he was never allowed induction into the Accademia di San Luca, a very prestigious mark of honor, even though his work was in great demand.
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ArtistsAndrea Locatelli
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