Arab–Israeli conflict

May 15, 1948 - ...

The Arab–Israeli conflict refers to the ongoing political tension, military conflicts and disputes between Arab countries and Israel, which escalated during the 20th century. The roots of the Arab–Israeli conflict have been attributed to the support by Arab League member countries for the Palestinians, a fellow League member, in the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict, which in turn has been attributed to the simultaneous rise of Zionism and Arab nationalism towards the end of the 19th century, though the two national movements had not clashed until the 1920s. In 2002, the Arab League offered recognition of Israel by Arab countries as part of the resolution of the Palestine–Israel conflict in the Arab Peace Initiative. The initiative, which has been reconfirmed since, calls for normalizing relations between the Arab region and Israel, in exchange for a full withdrawal by Israel from the occupied territories and a "just settlement" of the Palestinian refugee problem based on UN Resolution 194.
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