Association for the Advancement of Women

Association for the Advancement of Women was an American women's organization founded in 1873.
The organization was the outcome of a call issued by Sorosis in May 1868, for a Congress of Women to be held in New York City that autumn, and the object of the Association, as adopted by the first Congress, was "to receive and present practical methods for securing to women higher intellectual, moral and physical conditions, and thereby to improve all domestic and social relations." The history of this Association, with its annual congresses for the succeeding 30 years, is the history of the realization of its lofty aim, to arouse thought along many lines, science, art, education, philosophy, ethics, political and social science, industrial training. Many eminent women were connected with it, but it is interesting to notice in the reports of the congresses the reiteration of the phrase, — "Mrs. Howe in the chair." For many years she was president.
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