Bartolomeo Altomonte

Feb 24, 1694 - Nov 11, 1783

Bartolomeo Altomonte, also known as Bartholomäus Hohenberg, was an Austrian baroque painter who specialized in large scale frescoes. He was the son of Martino Altomonte, also a painter.
Altomonte was born in Warsaw, where his father, Martino Altomonte, had been appointed to the court of Jan Sobieskis. He was the third of six children. Altomonte spent most of his life in Linz and worked primarily in Austrian monasteries such as St. Florian's Priory and Admont Abbey. He learned from assisting his father at painting, but also from an apprenticeship with Daniel Gran. Tendencies towards the rococo remained foreign to the artist all his life; he is considered one of the last great painters in the manner of the baroque allegory.
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