Bernard-Roger, Count of Bigorre

962 AD - 1034

Bernard Roger was the count of Couserans, in which capacity he was lord of parts of Comminges and Foix.
He was the son of count Roger I of Carcassonne. His elder brother, Raymond I of Carcassonne inherited the county of Carcassonne and the remaining part of the lordship of Comminges. Bernard Roger's comital status is attested in the donation to the abbey of Saint-Hilaire in 1011.
He is the founder of the House of Foix which ruled that county for centuries. During his father's lifetime, he married Garsenda, or Arsinde, the heiress of the county of Bigorre.
He built the square tower of the castle at Foix in France and made it his capital, from which a town grew. He had endowed the monastery at Foix and in it he was buried when he died at the age of 72.
His lands were divided:
His eldest son, Bernard II of Foix, count of Bigorre, took the County of Bigorre.
His second son, Roger I of Foix, count of Foix, became the first count of Foix, which included the castles of Castelpenent, Roquemaure, Lordat, and several within the county of Toulouse.
His third and youngest son, Peter of Foix, lord of Couserans, inherited the lordship of Couserans.
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