Bhai Ram Singh

1858 - 1916

Bhai Ram Singh MVO was one of pre-partition Punjab's foremost architects, dominating the scene for nearly two decades from the 1890s. Amongst his works is the Durbar Room, Osborne House, on the Isle of Wight, England; Lahore Museum and Governor's House in Simla.
Amongst Bhai Ram Singh's most famous works are: the Lahore Museum, the Mayo School of Arts, Aitchison College, Chamba House and Punjab University, all in Lahore, and Islamia College, Peshawar. In Simla, the Governor’s House and in Lyallpur, the College of Agriculture. He also worked with John Lockwood Kipling to design the Durbar room in Osborne House, Queen Victoria's summer home on the Isle of Wight.
Most of his work fits under the style of Indo-Saracenic architecture, of which he was the most significant Indian architect. Many of his commissions were built by the leading contractor Sir Ganga Ram, and also involved Lockwood Kipling, father of Rudyard Kipling, to some extent Singh's mentor. The precise contributions of these can be hard to estimate; Ram was mainly an engineer and contractor, but is sometimes given credit as the architect of his buildings.
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