Carla Fracci

Born Aug 20, 1936

Carla Fracci OMRI OMCA is an Italian ballet dancer and actress. Thanks to her extensive career and her acclaimed interpretation of several classical romantic ballets such as La Sylphide, Fracci became one of the most experienced and recognized interpreters of Romantic ballets. “As Erik Bruhn once said, [Fracci] gave the world a new idea of the ballerina in 19th-century Romantic ballets.” Her career highlights include Nijinsky, Giselle, Complete Bell Telephone Hour Performances: Erik Bruhn 1961-1967.
She was best known for her performances in Giselle, and for dancing with partners such as Rudolf Nureyev, Vladimir Vasiliev, Henning Kronstam, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Alexander Godunov, Gheorghe Iancu, Giuseppe Picone, Roberto Bolle, and Erik Bruhn. In 2014, Fracci took part in documentary film, 29200 Puthod, l'altra verità della realtà, directed by Federico Angi biography of Dolores Puthod international painter.
Born in Milan in 1936, Fracci began dancing at age of 10 at the La Scala Theatre Ballet School and graduated in 1954. Among her teachers at La Scala, Fracci studied with the prominent Russian dancer Vera Volkova. She was promoted to soloist in 1956, and to principal in 1958.
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