Coreana Museum of Art

The Coreana Cosmetic Museum is a museum in Seoul, South Korea.
It is related to the Korean Coreana cosmetics company. Its collection is based on 53,000 items collected by Dr. Yu Sang-Ok, one of the executive directors of Coreana.
The Coreana Cosmetics Museum opened in 2003 with the collection of Yu Sangok, the founder and chairman of Coreana Cosmetics. Yu commissioned Chung Gu-Yon, a well known ecological architect to design this museum. Yu wanted to create a space that would feel like a garden in the middle of the city.
This museum's main focus is in Korean cosmetics and Korean beauty culture. This is where viewers will find the root of K-beauty. As the Hallyu wave brings in more and more clients from all over the world, K-beauty has now more than ever, grown to be a global selling point. Even with this new sense of popularity, K-beauty still remains true to its Korean culture. As visitors enter the museum, the first thing that is presented to them is a display dedicated to natural ingredients and materials women used for makeup, pre-modern day.
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