Dmitry Tolstoy

Mar 13, 1823 - May 7, 1889

Count Dmitry Andreyevich Tolstoy was a Russian statesman, a member of the State Council of Imperial Russia. He belonged to the comital branch of the Tolstoy family.
Tolstoy graduated from the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum in 1843. He held a managing position at the Ministry of the Navy beginning in 1853. Tolstoy was an Ober-Procurator of the Holy Synod in 1865–1880, simultaneously holding a post of the Minister of National Enlightenment in 1866–1880. In 1871, Tolstoy was in charge of the college reform, which would result in the prevalence of the classical education. In 1872, as Education minister, Tolstoy agreed to the opening by V. I. Guerrier of his Higher Women's Courses in Moscow, thus establishing higher education for women in Russia.
In 1882–1889, Tolstoy was the Interior Minister and Chief of Gendarmerie. He is considered one of the pillars of the political reaction in the 1880s and supporter of the strong authority. Tolstoy's activities were aimed at backing the nobility, regulating peasantry's modus vivendi, and spreading his administration's influence over local authorities.
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