Franco Grignani

Feb 4, 1908 - Feb 20, 1999

Franco Grignani was an Italian architect, graphic designer and artist. He is best known for black and white graphics, particularly the Woolmark logo, which was voted 'Best Logo of all Time' by Creative Review Magazine in 2011.
Grignani was born in Pieve Porto Morone, Italy. He studied architecture in Turin between 1929 and 1933. Early on, he began experimenting with photography, and became interested in optic and visual phenomena. He played a part in Italy's second Futurist and Constructivist movements. Subsequently, his work was more closely associated with Kinetic Art and Op Art.
Based on theories of perception, particularly the psychology of form, using his knowledge of architecture, he created more than 14000 experimental works. He remains a powerful influence in the world of graphic design. In Italy, he is considered a master of optical graphic design.
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