Fritz August Breuhaus

Feb 9, 1883 - Dec 2, 1960

Fritz August Breuhaus was a German architect, interior designer, and designer in the 20th century. He added “de Groot” to the end of his name in 1929. He spread the word of this addition claiming to be the grandson/great-grandson of a reputable painter Breuhaus de Groot. His father, Heinrich Hugo Breuhaus was a dentist and married to his mother Johanne Knipping.
Fritz August Breuhaus was born in Solingen, Germany. His father tried to influence his career, encouraging him to study mechanical engineering, which he did. He also sat in on architecture lectures and took "Design", "Decorative design", "Watercolor painting". When his father found out he refused to support him any further. Breuhaus was forced to live off a small inheritance from his grandmother.
From 1907 Breuhaus lived and worked in Düsseldorf, where he began the process of designing and planning for the “Garden City Meererbusch”. Breuhaus designed the first house on this 75 hectare residential area in Meerbusch, Buderich. He also live in “house Eichenhof” for part of the process. The houses were built mainly for businessmen and lawyers, but artists also resided there.
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